Swimming Pool Construction -Trees

If I have Trees can I Construct a Pool?

Trees are very important for the beauty of our neighborhoods and yards.  So what if I have trees, can I build a pool or spa?

Most of the cities in our area have guidelines and restrictions on how trees are treated while pool is under construction, and the swimming pool location in relation to the tree.  Also as a general rule of thumb, you want to stay away from trees.  Swimming Pools are best in a sunny area, and not under a tree.

When we build a pool we typically stay out of the drip line of the tree, that is, outside of the canopy.  Stand under your tree, look up and we can construct a pool easily outside the  area that the branches reach.  This works out for the tree, and for the pool construction.  In most cases there are not any serious roots past the canopy, and the new pool construction stays out of the overhang of the branches, keeping the pool sunny, and cleaner, with less leaves that would drop from those branches.

If a tree is a heritage tree, typically defined as Redwood, Cedar and Oak in our area (definition is different in every city) then most cities will allow for removal of the tree for new pool construction, or the enjoyment of the owners.  Some cities are a bit more restrictive on what can be done, but we have never found a yard that a swimming pool cannot be constructed due to trees.

Some cities will require us to fence off the area around the tree to save the tree or roots from damage during swimming pool construction.

Contact us and we can review the issue of trees for your swimming pool in your particular yard.

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