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I am the owner of Blue Water Pools.  I am personally involved with all of my projects and am completely dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible.

I have done this during my over 25 years in the business.  Despite this, unscrupulous (competitors?) have posted bad reviews on Yelp.

These reviews are completely Bogus, inaccurate and are completely infuriating for me.

The only correct reviews of our work are posted at ;

these reviews on customer lobby are reviews from done by an independent company of  our actual customers.   This is an independent company that contacts our customers directly to ask for their feedback on their experience with Blue Water Pools during their recently completed project. I can provide more information on these customers for confirmation of the reviews.

Unknown to the general public, Yelp is a criminal enterprise, that encourages bad reviews from bogus sources, so they can contact the business with the bad review and demand ADVERTIZING dollars from them to get rid of the bogus bad reviews.   This has been deemed as extortion by Yelp, and there are continuing lawsuits regarding this business practice.

There are many, many  documented instances  of this practice,

Ronn Owens of KGO Radio was recently informed of this practice on one of his shows, and was outraged.  As he stated during his radio show, he said he thought that Yelp was some innocent community review site that helped everyone.  After he received numerous calls during the show,  informing him of the totally criminal way in which Yelp operates,  he was so angered, he said he was going to use his power to contact the California State Attorney General to do something about it.

Listen to that show here;


I have many articles about Yelp and its extortion practices and its practice of placing bad reviews on top for business that do not advertize with them. I would be happy to share them with anyone who is interested.  Just contact me and I can send you many links.

Webpronews has documented Yelps practices for years, and reporter Chris Crum has written about this extensively.

A most recent article, in which Yelp beat another lawsuit against their practices, Chris Crum details how they Yelp is able to beat multiple lawsuits thru various holes in the system.

Most revealing , though is the comments from many business owners, documenting Yelps practices.

The article detailing the lawsuit is not so important, scroll below the article to read the comments from individuals that have had experience with Yelp, it is quite revealing;


My point is this: please do not base any decisions on using any service provider or contractor, especially Blue Water Pools, based on Yelp reviews as  you will be misled.

I stand by all of my work and I know you will be happy in using Blue Water Pools for your project.

Phil Cook

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